Terms & Conditions

Applicable to all services from August 2022

  1. By allowing your pet(s) to take part in our services, you agree to all terms and conditions set out below and release our staff and volunteers of any liability arising from your pet’s attendance and participation at our pet walking and home boarding services.
  2. The pet(s) owner takes full responsibility to keep up to date with any changes or amendments to these terms and conditions.
  3. All pets will be extremely well cared for and treated as our own, however, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, fines, accident, injury, or death caused to any animal whilst in our care unless falling under the requirement for public liability insurance.
  4. All pets will have an induction assessment/meet and greet before joining walks or other services.
  5. If at any time your pet(s) show aggression/threatening or inappropriate behaviour toward any person or any other pets, your pet may be excluded and no longer able to join us.
  6. By using our services owners give consent for their pet(s) to be walked and interact with other pets of all ages, genders, breeds, and sizes, unless explicitly stated to us that they are not pet-friendly.
  7. By attending our services owners accept that there are risks. Risks include (but not limited to) the transfer of diseases, bites, scratches, punctures, torn ligaments, and other injuries. Every care will be taken to prevent any of the above from happening.
  8. By using our services, you are giving permission for emergency first aid to be performed on your pet(s) by our handlers (who hold an up-to-date emergency canine first aid certificate) in the event of an emergency prior to immediate professional veterinary medical attention.
  9. If your pet(s) are not regularly socialised with other pets, they may not know how to behave around other pets which puts them at higher risk of an incident including (but not limited to) bites, fights, fear aggression, object guarding or behaviour problems.
  10. During dog walks, dogs may get dirty. If your dog requires towelling, please ensure a towel is left out by the door, in some cases your dog(s) may still be damp or dirty.
  11. If you wish your dog to wear a coat when being walked, please make sure this is made available to your dog walker.
  12. All services must be paid for at the time they are rendered. Payments can be made in cash or via bank transfer. Cancellations for walks made after 48 hours notice will be charged for at full price.
  13. Full payment for services (agreed either at time of booking or subsequently) is to be made the same day of (or prior to) service via cash or bank transfer.
  14. All dogs are to have up to date inoculations and be flea treated and wormed regularly. Documentation of inoculations will need to be provided yearly, a photocopy or photo texted over will be sufficient.
  15. All dogs will wear either a collar or tag with our details on when in our care.
  16. All dogs require a collar with an ID tag on with your name address and phone number and be micro chipped as required by law.
  17. We do not use retractable leads or chain leads. In cases where the owner only has these, we will use our own leads.
  18. We reserve the right to decline or terminate a booking at any time and for any reason and full payment may still be required.
  19. All pets must have an up-to-date registration form on file with emergency contacts and chip number.
  20. The owner is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in our care.
  21. We hold public liability insurance through Pet Plan Sanctuary.
  22. By using our services, you are confirming your pet is in good health, have had no diseases (but not limited to) Parvovirus, Kennel Cough (Bordatella), Distemper, Corona Virus, Worms, Lime Disease, Fleas, Pregnancy, Infectious Skin Diseases and Intestinal Parasites in the last 7 days and shows no aggression towards people or other pets.
  23. It is at our discretion whether we can accommodate pets who are entire or in season.
  24. Our pet walking services include picking up and dropping off pet(s) at the owners’ premises within a certain mileage. In the event the owner is not in we will hold keys to enter the property and these keys will be stored safely when not in use.
  25. Pet walking is available Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays. Minimum numbers apply for walks. Weekends are available by request.
  26. Photographs and videos of pets in our care may be posted on social media, promotional material and our website. By using our services, you are accepting and authorising this use.
  27. We hold personal data on you which you provide when you start using our services, we keep your data locked away and will never share your data with anyone other than in an emergency to a veterinary surgery, council or the police. You can request to see your personal data that we hold on you at any time.
  28. All reasonable precautions will be taken by us to ensure your pet’s safety and wellbeing whilst in our care.